Mental Health Of Employees Affected By LAYOFFS Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Mental Health Of Employees Affected By LAYOFFS Due To COVID-19 Pandemic – 3 Tips To Survive After

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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world caused millions of employees to lose their job or got laid off. This sudden loss of work can make them mentally disturbed and potentially cause problems in their mental health. Let’s learn about the mental health of employees who are affected by layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic on the review below.

Explaining the mental state of employees who were laid off due to COVID-19

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic affected many sectors, including the business and economic sectors. Many businesses choose to temporarily close their operations.

This makes their businesses lose money and eventually forced to lay off employees without being paid or even to do layoffs.

Sudden layoffs because COVID-19 presents its own financial and psychological challenges. Especially for those who rely on a salary as their only income.

Not to mention thoughts about debt repayments, credit cards, and other financial obligations that are borne every month. Some are at risk of losing their homes, being evicted from rented houses. Many financial reasons are worrying.

Studies show that people who suffer financial difficulties, lose their homes, or lose their jobs are more vulnerable to mental health and physical health problems.

Among other things, it increases the risk of anxiety disorders, depression, the use of anti-depressants, increased somatic symptoms such as fatigue or headaches.

The financial problems of the families of employees who have been laid off can also spread to household problems.

Couples may blame each other, because they are not good at saving expenses, because they do not immediately seek alternative income, or blame each other for not anticipating this situation beforehand.

Employees got laid off due to COVID-19: The impacts on their emotional problems

Being hit by a sudden layoff especially because COVID-19 involves many changes at once. Apart from the loss of income, job loss is also accompanied by other large losses.

Psychologists note that the loss of a job is often the same as the sadness of a broken heart due to the loss of a loved one.

The emotional trajectory of mental health when losing this job can range from stages of sadness that start from shock and rejection to anger, acceptance, and hope.

Dawn Norris, a psychologist who focuses on issues of self-identity, said that the loss of a job, especially in employees who were laid off, could also be felt as a loss of identity.

He explained, most people’s lives were driven by money, profits, and income power. This makes the profession as the main part of how to identify someone.

“So, if you lose your job, you can easily lose your identity too,” explained Norris who is also the author of the book Author Job, Identity, and Mental Health.

Although it is true that money is often a major problem as long as someone becomes unemployed. But for some people, the problem of identity is even more disappointing than their problem with money.

In his research focusing on middle-class people who lost their jobs, Norris found two-thirds of them experienced psychological problems related to identity.

“They say that their problems with identity make them feel depressed, anxious, and angry,” Norris said.

The study explains emotional problems that occur in employees who are laid off suddenly, especially during COVID-19.


Maintain your mental health when exposed to layoffs

There are many things you can do to control the situation, maintain enthusiasm, and find new goals.

New York psychologist, Adam Benson says people must recognize the factors of their situation that they can and cannot control.

After recognizing, then focus on things that can be controlled, namely identifying problems, such as reducing household expenditure in a certain period.

What is different about layoffs and in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation is the belief that this is only a temporary situation. Believe that after the pandemic ends, all will be controlled and they can rise again

In addition, there is evidence that the collective nature of this experience brings one to the feeling that he and others go through this problem together.

Many groups organize campaigns and fundraisers to support employees who have been laid off or who have lost their jobs.

This collective circumstance, according to Benson, might help that being subject to layoffs received by employees is not his fault as an individual.

“This supports the idea that when their mental health is shaken, they feel sad and angry about losing their jobs, this reason can reduce the feeling of sadness,” Benson said.

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Three strategies you can do to survive after losing a job due to Covid-19

Covid-19 which continues to plague makes many companies in the world face severe conditions. Likewise with large companies affected, many do layoffs against their employees. If you are one of the many workers who lost their jobs, there are three ways you can do to deal with this uncertain condition.

1. Talk to creditors

If you have trouble paying bills try to discuss with creditors. Because many creditors offer special programs for people who are experiencing economic difficulties at this time.

Banks or other lending institutions may be willing to work with you when discussing this situation. They also have a program offer that can help you based on your case.

2. Find out local non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations are very important. Like in America, we have many non-profit organizations that help provide food for families and other groups in need. Likewise, with you, find out as much detail as possible about non-profit organizations that may have humanitarian programs.

3. Get the latest information about regulations from the government

In the midst of this novel coronavirus, the government has specific regulations and policies. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know about the regulations or policies made by the government in your country. For example, the U.S. Department of Labor has introduced new guidance for unemployment insurance flexibility during this outbreak. Find out what alternatives you may have, see if your government has some new policies towards unemployment.


I am sorry if you are losing your job due to this pandemic, but you have to know that you are not alone and there are helps out there and we just have to stay strong and be active in looking for new opportunities.

You are a capable and persevering person, so I am confident that you will be successful.

Hope this article is useful to you.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy!


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10 thoughts on “Mental Health Of Employees Affected By LAYOFFS Due To COVID-19 Pandemic – 3 Tips To Survive After

  1. Covid-19 has hit us as humans in every single sphere of our lives. Everyone has been affected and it’s sad that the effects keeps snowballing. It’s reasonable to understand that people that were laid off work due to this novel virus would be hit very badly, both financially and mentally. However, I wonder if the government could actually provide a sort of monetary relief for people who fall into this category?

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Not all government will provide some kind of monetary relief like in the U.S. we get what they call Stimulus money (it will affect our taxes next year though, some say it’s not free money but it is definitely helpful to have this time). In Indonesia, the government helps out by lowering the price for electricity, gas, and some other necessities. 

      I think you should find out what are the options you’ll have provided by your government and other social organizations out there. Helps are out there.

      We are all in this together and we’ll get through this difficult time.

      Stay safe, happy and healthy!


  2. Haha, nervous laugh.

    That is me. Lost job, no money, no wages. Oh well. What can I do?

    Keep my chin up, I suppose. Had to talk to them as above too. They are trying to help.

    It’s hard though.

    1. Hi Alan,

      I know it is hard losing a job in the times like this. You’re not alone. I have talked to some friends who live in Indonesia about how this pandemic affecting their small businesses. So, I told them, rather than sulking and blaming the government, the company we worked for, etc, we should rise above this adversity and quickly shift our gears to find something that will help us get through the situation plus open a new opportunity to make money and be able to keep up with bills, etc.
      Stay strong, my friend. Helps are out there, we just have to know where to find it.


  3. Firstly, I hope you are safe and well during these unprecedented times. I can really relate to your article having lost a job in the past: The loss of identity was definitely one of the hardest parts for me. However, your strategies to help people especially during this difficult time are brilliant and I am sure will be of use to so many.

    1. Hi Emma,

      Yes, you are right. Losing our identity is horrible and to some people, it is very difficult to recover from it once they experience it. Some might get so depressed and think that their life is worthless. We don’t want that to happen to anyone. That’s why I am inspired to help by writing this article.

      Glad you found this article useful. Hope it is useful to others as well.

      Stay safe, happy and healthy!


  4. Hi Ferra,

    Thank you for the very useful tips on how to deal with the stress of loosing a job during Covid 19. I loved the quote” if you lose your job, you can easily lose your identity too”. I believe this applies to so many that lost their jobs. Like you said, it is all temporary and we’ll be over soon! Let’s be optimistic!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hello Yoanna,

      Thank you for the quote. I loved it!
      Yes, no one likes to lose their identity, because recover from it would be difficult to some. But again, this too shall pass. As long as we keep ourselves together and motivate ourselves to keep moving forward to rise above the adversity, I am sure we’ll be better. Who knows we’ll land on a better opportunity? 🙂

      Thank you for your kind comment. Stay safe, happy and healthy!


  5. Well, it is true. A lot of people are really losing it during this trying times. Especially those who have been laid off at work. I can say that it is a very painful thing because they never saw it coming and some people do not have a proper saving so it gets even harder from here. You also discussed losing ones identity which is very closely related to losing ones money or maybe even worse for other people. The steps you have are also very thoughtful. I should share this.

    1. Hello Riley,

      You’re right. No one saw this coming. It’s painful and unexpected. Life is already tough, now this? 

      Losing our identity is horrible. No wonder it is more difficult to recover from it once someone experiencing it. It’s like a broken heart. It takes time to heal but I am hoping my tips can help people cope with this adversity better.

      Glad you found this article useful. Hope others find it useful as well.

      Stay safe, happy and healthy.


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