the best way to get rid of ongoing stress

What is the best way to get rid of ongoing stress?

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For people who often experience stress, sometimes they are confused about what to do and how to behave around family, colleagues, or friends. Sometimes some people cannot even function well and take care of their tasks at home or at work. Is seeing a psychologist or asking someone else for help can be one way to deal with stress that easily arises? In my opinion, there is nothing wrong or shameful in looking for help when it comes to taking care of our health, our psychological or mental health.

Check out the reviews below to find out the answer for what is the best way to get rid of ongoing stress.

The cause of stress easily reappears

Ongoing stress can actually be reduced, but does not rule out the possibility that your condition might get worse when you encounter various factors that trigger the stress in the first place.

Stress is one of the body’s reactions that arise when you face a threat, pressure, or there are changes that are not appropriate. It can affect us physically and mentally.

Factors that cause this also varies, such as:

  • Personal relationships, both to parents, spouses, or friends
  • Group relationships, such as work environments or group of friends
  • Pressure at work, such as burn out or unemployed for a long time
  • Financial condition, in debt, expenses exceeding income.
  • Physical and mental condition due to chronic diseases
  • Feel of failure, loss, etc.

One cause of stress that often arises in daily life is an unhealthy relationship. If you undergo an unhealthy relationship, both with parents and partners, chances are that your stress levels will jump up more quickly.

This may be because there are problems that cannot be solved, so that when the problem returns to the surface, it makes them more stressed.

This condition also applies to people who have experienced trauma. Whether it’s trauma that occurred when he was a child or when he was an adult.

Stress is very easy to appear when you are hard to forget. However, everything returns to each person how to deal with stress that arises easily.

So that your life is not too affected by stress, there are a few tips you might try to manage this problem.

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Why is our psychological or mental health important?

Health psychology focuses on how psychology, behavior, biology, and social factors influence our health and illness.

There are a lot of people who seek to take control of their own health, more and more people are looking for health-related information and resources both offline and online.

Our psychological health is important because we would like to prevent health problems before they even start affecting our lives.

Taking control our psychological health can mean maintain a healthy weight, avoid risky or unhealthy behaviors and maintain a positive outlook that can combat stress, depression, and anxiety.

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Tips for dealing with stress that easily arises

The key to dealing with stress that arises easily is to start dealing with it properly. That way, you can pull out the root of the problem so it doesn’t come back to the surface and disrupt your quality of life.

1. Finding out the root of the problem

Dealing with stress that can easily arise can begin by finding out the root of the problem. What makes you stressful?

After that, you can start analyzing. This is so that you know whether what really stressed you have branches or just one.

If you are sure of what has made you feel cranky all this time, it’s time to deal with the problem so that it doesn’t interfere with your life again.

2. Tell stories to others – Social Support

In addition to finding out the root of the problem, you can deal with stress that easily arises by telling your story to someone you can trust. It can be your parents, best friend, sibling, etc.

This is so that you can ease the burden on your shoulders. In addition, by telling it to the right people, maybe they can provide alternative solutions to your problem.

3. Stay active and productive

That is, when dealing with stress that easily arises, don’t just stay in the room and lament. Maybe you will not get any answer.

By doing something productive and making you happy, at least it can reduce your stress.

For example, pursue a hobby that is not related to your stress. If you are stressed at work, avoid it temporarily, wait for it to calm down, so there is not too much pressure while doing it.

You can also do relaxation techniques, such as yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises so that your body is more relaxed.

In addition, you can adopt a healthier lifestyle. For example, eating regularly, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Remember in a healthy body there is a strong soul.

4. Keep a journal


Did you know that keeping a journal can be a way to deal with stress that easily arises?

Journals may be the right choice for you to be able to find out what has been stressing you. Try to use the 5W + 1H system or record events that make you sad. What system is it? 5W1H is short for WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW. Writing down our feelings by answering these questions can help us gather information we need that may lead to problem solving.

5. Don’t panic!

When you start facing problems that make your stress easy to appear, try to stay calm and not panic. Try to control yourself.

Problems will always come in life, so paying attention to the response of what you will do when faced with it will certainly help manage that stress.

That way, who knows that when you stay calm and think clearly, the results will be much better, right?

6. Stay Optimistic

According to health psychologists, an optimistic attitude and behavior are connected to better physical health and faster recovery from sickness. Studies show that people with an optimistic attitude will go back to their normal activities (work, school, recreational, social, and sexual activities) within six months after diagnosis and treatment of a serious sickness. Health psychologists state that optimism helps people in remembering their destructive behaviors; this later on assists them over time to stop and avoid behaviors that threaten their own health.

7. Listen to Soothing Music

Listening to soothing music can help reduce our stress. Find a nice cozy place for you. Put off things that you need to get done just for a little bit. Self care is important! So, lay down, play a soothing music and enjoy your “me time.”


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When should you go to a psychologist or seek help?

After knowing what you can do to deal with the ongoing stress, maybe you need help from others so that this condition ends quickly.

See a psychologist. A help from a psychologist can usually provide a new perspective outside your environment related to the problem at hand.

If this stress has greatly disrupted your daily life, dealing with ongoing stress that easily arises by asking for help from a psychologist can be your alternative path.


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  1. Thanks for the great article. I’ve been dealing with stress since my relationship has been going in the wrong direction.
    I agree especially with one of your points about keeping a journal. It really helped me to deal with my feelings and see things clearly.

    1. Hi Agnes,
      Thank you for taking time to visit my site, read my post and leave a comment. I really appreciate it! 😃 👍
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading the article. Yes, writing in our journal can help us to feel better and we can pour out our feelings there without feeling afraid of being judged by people. Having a journal can also help us to reduce our negative thoughts.
      I wish you all the best with your life. Stay safe and healthy.

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      Hang in there. With the #stayhome and self isolation at home, we can take care of our online business, write more quality contents and help others with our posts. Hope things will get better soon.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this amazing informative article about What is the best way to get rid of ongoing stress? l enjoyed reading your article very much and that having journal can help us to reduce our negative thoughts and will not make us feel judged by others. I have been a little stressed by this new life style we are meant to live due to Covid-19 and a journal is a brilliant idea to writing all my feelings down. I will share your article with my friends and family. Great post.

    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Hello Fiona,

      Thank you for taking time to visit my site, read my post and leave a comment. I really appreciate it! 😃 👍

      Writing can be a kind of therapeutic to some people. Hope you’ll enjoy writing journals more and feel less stress with all the things have been going on lately.

      Stay safe and healthy. Take care!

      Ferra 💕

  4. Hello

    You write about What is the best way to get rid of ongoing stress? Thanks for the amazing article. I am dealing with stress since my relationship has backup. I remember her every moment we do. It’s so painful. By The way I will try my best to get out of there. Thanks for posting this article. I enjoy reading this article.

    Thanks you

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for taking time to visit my site, read my post and leave a comment. I really appreciate it! 😃 👍

      Chin up and move on, my friend. Sometimes we will meet someone who is not for us first in order to learn more the meaning of relationship so we can do better in our next relationship and cherish it well.

      Stay safe and healthy. Take care!

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