11 Signs of Weak Immune System and How to Improve it

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In the war against COVID-19, it is good to maintain our health and cleanliness. In addition, the thing that is also important is to boost our immunity system. Our immune system has an important role in maintaining our health.

One of the signs of a weak immune system is that the body is susceptible to various diseases. Our immune system is a shield to protect our body from various viruses and diseases. Therefore, implement a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods and exercising diligently.

In addition to symptoms of fatigue and susceptibility to pain, there are various signs of decreased immunity that you need to recognize as well as how to improve it. Check out the complete information below.

Immune system

A healthy immune system works against harmful substances in the body so that we are not susceptible to disease. In some chronic cases such as autoimmune and immunodeficiency, the body’s immune system does not function properly, making it vulnerable to illness.

The body’s immune system consists of cells, tissues, proteins, and organs. Some major components of the immune system: white blood cells (leukocytes), antibodies (immunoglobulin or Ig), the complement system, lymphatic system, thymus, and spinal cord.

The functions of the immune system for our health:

The functions of our immunity system for our health are:

⦁ Fight germs (pathogens) that carry diseases such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi, and remove them from our bodies.
⦁ Recognize and neutralize harmful substances in the environment around us.
⦁ Fighting diseases that can change our whole body such as cancer cells.
⦁ Repair damaged body tissue.

Signs of a weak immune system

About 80 diseases can be caused by immune system problems that can cause inflammation. So, it is important to recognize the characteristics of the immune system that is being weakened.

Here are some signs of a weakened immune system that you can recognize:

1. Easy fatigue
Feeling very tired as experienced when you have a cold? This could mean that something is happening with your immune system. Just resting or sleeping, sleep doesn’t really help.

Besides feeling tired, this sign of weak body endurance is accompanied by aching joints or muscles. There may even be many other reasons why the body feels fatigued.

2. Mild fever

If your fever or body temperature is higher than normal, chances are your immune system starts working too hard. This can happen maybe because the body will develop an infection or because the body starts experiencing flares, the appearance of severe symptoms from an autoimmune condition.

3. Cold hands
Early signs of a weak immune system appear in some members of the body feeling warm due to inflamed blood vessels, such as fingers, toes, ears, and nose.

The skin in these areas can turn pale, then turn blue, and feel cold. After the blood flow returns to normal, the skin will look red.

Health experts call this the “Raynaud phenomenon.” Immune system problems that cause certain parts of the body to cool and stiff under certain conditions.

4. Tingling or Numbness in Hands and Feet
In some cases, numbness can indicate your body attacks nerves that send signals to muscles. For example, people who have Guillain-Barre syndrome may experience numbness that starts in their legs and then spreads to the arms and chest.

Guillain-Barre syndrome is a disorder that rarely occurs when the immune system attacks the nerves. The first symptoms usually experience weakness and tingling in some parts of the body

5. Rash
The skin is the body’s first stronghold to fight germs. Skin conditions can reflect how well the immune system performs its function in preventing the threat of various diseases.

Itchy, dry, red skin is a sign of weak body resistance. Likewise, the rash is painful or does not go away.

6. Headache
Not only is it caused by late eating or migraines, in some cases, but headaches can also be associated with a weakened immune system.

For example, it could be vasculitis, which is an inflammation of blood vessels caused by infection or autoimmune disease.

7. Hair Loss

Immune system problems sometimes attack the hair follicles which cause it to fall out in several parts of the body.

If you experience hair loss on the scalp, face, or other parts of the body that appear to be overlapping bald or bald, you may experience a condition called alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is a condition that occurs due to the immune system attacking hair follicles. This can be caused by stress or heavy pressure.

8. Dry Eyes
If you have an autoimmune disorder, that means the immune system is attacking the body. Examples are rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Dry eyes are a sign of a weak immune system.

Most people who have autoimmune disorders experience dry eyes. In addition, you may feel like there is sand or something in your eyes, or maybe even your eyes feel pain, redness, discharge, or blurred vision.

9. Digestive Problems
Diarrhea that lasts more than two to four weeks can be a sign of a weak body that damages the lining of the small intestine or digestive tract.

Constipation or constipation is also a sign of immune system problems. If you have difficulty defecating, straining hard, or dry stool. these symptoms occur because the immune system forces the intestinal function to slow down. Other possible causes include bacteria, viruses, and other health conditions.

10. Sensitive to the Sun
People with autoimmune disorders sometimes have allergic reactions to the sun or ultraviolet (UV) rays called photodermatitis.

Symptoms may cause blisters, rashes, or scaly spots after being in the sun. Other symptoms include cold, headaches, or nausea.

11. Arthritis
Signs of weak immunity are then felt in the joints in several parts of the body.

When the lining inside the joint is inflamed, the area around it will feel soft to the touch or may feel stiff and swollen, and this can occur in several joints.

Joint inflammation is likely to get worse in the morning.

How to improve a weak immune system

People who have a weak immune system must live a healthy lifestyle to avoid infection.

Here are some ways to rebuild the decreased body power:

1. Maintain good hygiene
The way to easily increase a weak immune system is to maintain good hygiene, including frequent hand washing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend washing hands at the following times:

⦁ Before, during, and after preparing food
⦁ After sneezing or coughing
⦁ Before and after treating wounds
⦁ After making contact with a sick person
⦁ After using or helping a child use the bathroom
⦁ After changing diapers
⦁ After touching animals (pets), animal food, or waste
⦁ After touching the trash

The benefits of washing hands properly can significantly reduce diseases such as diarrhea and prevent transmission by up to 58 percent in people who have a weak immune system.

Washing hands with soap and water can also help protect children and reduce the number of deaths from pneumonia and diarrheal disease in people under 5 years.

2. Avoid people who are sick
People with weakened immune systems must avoid close contact with anyone suffering from colds or other infections.

Viruses and other infectious diseases can be transmitted from person to person through close contact. The virus can also spread through fluids released by coughing or sneezing.

Staying at home and working from home is highly advised in order to reduce the risk of getting infected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

3. Eat healthy foods

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can improve overall body health.

When the immune system is weak, doctors usually recommend eating vegetables and fruits that can provide a lot of nutrients.

If the body’s immunity is very weak, for example, because it is undergoing cancer treatment, the doctor will recommend taking additional steps to avoid foodborne illness.

Ways to increase weak immunity according to doctor’s advice include:

⦁ Wash all fruits and vegetables before peeling
⦁ Avoid eating undercooked meat, fish, and eggs
⦁ Cool the food immediately
⦁ Choose pasteurized juices and milk products

4. Taking Vitamins
Some vitamins and minerals can help boost the immune system. For example, people who lack vitamin C can have weakened immunity.

Other vitamins and minerals that can improve immune function include Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Iron, Folic acid, Zinc.

5. Manage Stress

Unmanaged stress can weaken the immune system and make the body more vulnerable to various diseases.

People who have a weak immune system must take steps to manage stress. Ways to increase your immune system by reducing and managing stress include yoga, meditation, massage, and spending time with hobbies.

6. Getting enough Sleep

Sleep to Boost Your Immunity

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation has the same impact on the immune system as stress. Lack of sleep can interfere with the production of white blood cells, an important component of the immune system.

According to the CDC, adults must sleep at least 7 hours a day, while infants and children need about 8 and 17 hours of sleep a day.


7. Exercise Regularly

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind when your immune system is weak, but consistent exercise will help rebuild your stamina.

In addition to strengthening the body, exercise causes the body to release endorphins which reduce stress levels.

However, people with weak immune systems must be careful not to push themselves too hard to exercise because it can further weaken the immune system.

If you want to keep exercising, avoid the following:
⦁ Exercise intensity is too high
⦁ Exercise too often
⦁ Exercise too long without stopping to rest

Well, now you know about the signs of weak immunity and how to improve it. If you experience one or more of these signs, immediately apply the tips above. If it is not effective for you, consult a doctor immediately to get the right treatment!


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  1. It makes sense to give importance to your immune system. It’s like the walls around a city. If the walls are weak and full of holes, then sooner or later the enemy will get in and cause havoc.

    It’s very interesting how many of these signs that one might easily ignore have deeper meanings behind them and should be taken as a warning.

    1. Hi Faheem,

      That’s a very nice analogy. Yes, our immune system is just like walls. We have to make sure we maintain our health and boost our immune system so that we’ll be protected against nasty virus.

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  2. This has been a very good list to have handy. In the midst of all this global situation I was checking how strong my immune system is. It’s key! I’ve been experimenting headaches recently (and I didn’t before during all my life) and also hair loss. Now that I’ve identify these are signs, I’ll investigate deeper. Thank you! 

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thank you for taking time to visit my site, read my post and leave a comment. I really appreciate it! 😃 

      I hope you can find the cause of your headache and hair loss soon. My hair loss happened after I gave birth to my baby girl. I would experience headache if I don’t get enough sleep (less than 6 hours). 

      Stay safe, happy and healthy. 👍

      Ferra 💕

  3. A great article. We need as much help as possible during this time and your article certainly delivers vital information. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Russ,

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  4. Very timely article here! I think the most underrated item on your list of improving your immune system is SLEEP! In this day and age people try to brag about how little sleep they get and how much work they get done, but they are adding so much stress to the system! Sharing this with friends. Nicely done.

    1. Hi Russ,

      Thank you for taking time to visit my site, read my post and leave a comment. Glad you found this article useful.

      Yes, definitely. SLEEP is very important to us. It’s like a thank you to ourselves after working hard during the day. Our body needs it! 👍

      Stay safe, happy and healthy!


  5. Dear Ferra – what a great post this is. At some point we all go through stressful times, but probably none as true as this present moment with a Pandemic going round in the world and the stress of economic breakdown. I loved your post and gained so much benefit from it.

    1. Hello Mariella,

      Hi Russ,

      Thank you for taking time to visit my site, read my post and leave a comment. I really appreciate your kind words in your comment. Glad you found this article useful. 👍

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  6. First of all, I want to say thank you for sharing this informative and helpful article, especially in the Times we are in where maintaining a healthy lifestyle is paramount to staying alive and surviving now more than ever. I like the professionalism and level of familiarity with the subject that was shown in your article as this is my first time hearing of these signs. 

    1. Hello,

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  7. Oh no after reading this, I’ve concluded that I have a weak immune system. My hands are always very cold and I’m constantly tired. I get headaches a lot, am very sensitive to the sun, and my eyes are constantly dry. That’s not good! I should start eating more vitamins and eating healthy. I want my immune system to get strong. I definitely don’t get enough sleep as I should that’s probably a factor in why my immune system isn’t very good. Thanks for making me aware of this! 

    1. Hi Lex,

      Yes, please have enough rest and eat healthy food along with some vitamins. Your body needs those to boost your immune system, especially during the pandemic like now. 

      Thank you for stopping by my website, reading the post, and leaving a kind comment.

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  8. I agree with everything that you say about the immune system. In the early 1980’s myself and family were transferred to California where we were introduced to healthy eating and living. Healthy immune system is so important to living a comfortable life. You got my attention when talking about dry eyes, hair loss & headaches, on occasion I have experienced those issues. Thinking back about times, you really got my attention about all the times is is necessary to wash one’s hands. I am 78 now and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with not many health issues to complain about. I walk 2 miles 5-7 times a week, gave up smoking about 25 years ago along with drinking. This year for the first time I am starting to feel a little older. I really enjoyed your Post on the immune system and thank you very much. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Edward, 

      Wow, your routines are great. I love to get 10000 steps a day. I walk and do folk dancing, however, due to the pandemic, we don’t have any dancing class at the moment. So I just go out for a walk with my baby to the park.

      Thank you for stopping by my website, reading the post, and leaving a kind comment.

      I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts and support.

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