7 Ways to Prevent Coronavirus Spread – Business Owners Must Know!

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the coronavirus as a pandemic. In fact, the government all over the world has designated this outbreak as a global disaster.

It is undeniable that the outbreak of the coronavirus has affected various sectors, such as education, health, tourism, business, and the economy. Social distancing policies through studying and working at home have also been issued by the government, which in fact this reaps the pros and cons.

To minimize the impact or loss that you could be feeling, we will provide some tips that can be done by business owners to again improve their business performance. But beforehand, let’s get to know more about what is meant by the coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus?

7 BEST Ways to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Last few months, the world was rocked by the emergence of corona outbreaks. This started with the reported pneumonia case in Wuhan, China, the first to WHO on December 31, 2019, then. After an investigation, on January 7, 2020, the Chinese authorities finally confirmed that the virus was a new coronavirus, which the WHO called 2019-nCov.

According to World Health Organization, coronaviruses (CoV) that are also known as COVID-19 are part of a large group of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). A novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans.

Coronaviruses are classified as zoonotic which means that they are transmitted between animals and people only.

If someone is infected by this virus, some mild symptoms that will be felt are colds, coughs, fever, and sore throat. In some more severe cases, some people find it difficult to breathe. In fact, parents or those who have a history of diabetes or heart disease are apparently more susceptible to being infected by this virus.

The question is so that it is not infected, is there anything you can do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?


7 Ways to Prevent Corona Virus from Spreading


1. Prioritize cleanliness and health

Wash your hands properly to fight COVID19

One way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is by washing your hands with soap under running water as often as possible. If there is no hand washing soap near you, no problem when using a hand sanitizer.

For employees who are in an unhealthy condition but still have to work, ask them to wear a mask. Especially those who have to deal with customers. Also, consider dismissing employees who are sick.

2. Pay attention to the ethics of sneezing

Pay attention to the ethics of sneezing


After sneezing, when you want to clean yourself, use the inner elbow, or use a tissue that is then immediately disposed of. Don’t forget, wash your hands afterward. Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth because this is a gap for the virus to enter the body.

If you think you have the symptoms of coronavirus, then seek medical help immediately if you or your employee feel the initial symptoms of Covid-19, which are fever, coughing, and runny nose, respiratory problems, sore throat, also tired and lethargic.

3. Perform sterilization at the business location

Perform sterilization at the business location

For those of you who have restaurants, shops, or offline outlets, provide hand sanitizers that can be used by your employees and customers. Clean the room, table, floor, tablet, and cash register, doors and handles, toilets, or whatever is often touched, using disinfectants to kill germs that still landed.

You can also inform customers about the cleanliness and sterilization matters to give them a sense of calm.

4. Encourage customers to use mobile payment

Encourage customers to use mobile payment

The WHO says there is a possibility that a deadly infection from the coronavirus could move through cash because cash often changes hands and can become a den of bacteria and viruses.

Check out the proper handwashing practice in this article.

WHO says that people should use mobile payments or non-cash payments. But that does not mean they suggest not to use cash at all.

Well, for you business owners, there is no harm in following the recommendations of WHO. By using mobile payment, you, employees, and customers can minimize the risk of being affected by the outbreak.

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5. Consider work-from-home regulations

Prevent COVID19 spread by Considering work-from-home regulations

Many companies ask their employees to do social distancing, one of which is to work-from-home. This is a good practice to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

For those of you who issue policies so that employees work at home, also make sure that they really work and responsibilities can be resolved properly.

However, what about you whose business allows employees to meet face-to-face with consumers directly?

Basically, you can make policies, such as dismissing employees who are not feeling well, dividing employee work hours based on shifts, to changing business operating hours.

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6. Focus on online delivery

PREVENT CORONAVIRUS SPREAD - Focus on online delivery

For those of you who are in the world of Food & Beverage and own restaurants or outlets, it doesn’t hurt to focus more on service delivery or online sales, considering the behavior of customers in the midst of this situation may change.

Customers will avoid crowds or public places in order to minimize the possibility of contracting the coronavirus.

7. Avoid crowds or public places

Avoid crowds or public places


If you have a meeting schedule with clients, business partners, or others, let’s rely on technology and offer them to conduct meetings online. You can have meetings via Group Video Calls on WhatsApp, or Zoom and Skype applications.

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Final thoughts

Well, that’s the 7 ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus that you as business owners can do. Let’s look after each other in order to fight this pandemic virus together.

You can also start making flyers and make an announcement on your website about a campaign to support your country’s economy. For example:

“Fellow Americans, when the Corona Virus finally exhausts itself and the danger is over, let’s do something good for our country.
Let’s spend our holidays in America, eat in local restaurants, buy American products, buy local meats and veggies, and support local businesses. These businesses are going to find it very difficult to get back on their feet and survive without our help. They’re suffering badly now.
Our products are some of the best in the world. Our country is one of the most beautiful. Let’s look after it and its loyal people.”

(Note: change the country’s name into your country’s name and you can even tweak the message as well if you like)

If you can think of other things that business owners can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus, please share in the comment section below.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy!






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